Wednesday, February 6, 2008

gold and silver edged quilling strips

New favorite product:
I have discovered two types of edged papers:
Touch of gold or silver edged quilling strips
Gilded and silvered edged quilling strips.
The touch of gold or silver papers give a frosted look and the gilded and silvered papers have a shiny solid line of metal. Depending on the look you want, both products have their place in my stash. Check out all the colors and edgings at Custom Quilling and Whimsiquills. If you want to add that touch of color to your existing stash, try tapping the edges of your coils and folded roses on a raised sponge ink pad. A friend of mine used a metallic pen and edged an entire pack of paper strips by standing the strips on edge, clipping and pulling the papers tight ,and ran the pen down the edge. I have found that doing a pack of papers is soooo much easier than doing one or two strips. I also found that giving the ink, whether pen or pad, a shot of heat from my heat gun will set the color. Edging your papers gives an added depth and interest for a rich looking project.

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