Monday, January 28, 2008

Inspiration Sources

Where do you get your inspiration for design?

I enjoy a little silk ribbon embroidery and was leafing through a design book one day. As I was browsing, I didn't pick up a needle and ribbon. I picked up a strip of paper and discovered how easily the pattern translated to quilling! I was getting bored with my same old designs which had been done, redone and reworked for far too long. These two books are my goto when nothing clicks.

ISBN # 0-88195-890-5 and 0-88195-880-8

Another source but a bit more expensive is antique broaches and hair pieces. They, too, can put a new spin on design.


GemStateMom said...

Thanks for sharing about these. It is nice to learn what other people turn to for inspiration.

I recently was watching "Holiday" with Katherine Hepburn. I was looking for this certain way she work a chiffon scarf pinned at her shoulder. But as she was coming down an ornate staircase, I paused the movie so I could make a quick sketch of the wrought-iron work of the bannister! My daughter was laughing at me, but I didn't had to be saved for future work!

quillingsnagela said...
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quillingsnagela said...

This is really beautiful work!