Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The story of a card's creation

How this became that
I fell in love with this paper collection. Using a prepackaged paper collection is the easiest way to get started the coordinating is already done for you.

Next, a sheet paper collection to go with the quilling strips. Here again using a  line or collection gets you on your way.  Coordination is already done for you.

A road map is next.  Using a light, medium and dark of the collection gives depth and interest to the project. 

Adding my personal touches to the layout.  This is where your style comes through. No one wants a project that anyone can copy and make a billion of them that all look identical.

details don't forget the details So many times the details are what give the piece that wow factor

From the strips and the sheet papers comes the quilled leaf.  Let the papers lead you. I have found that a small area for your design is less intimidating.

put it all together and yup up on Etsy, Face Book and Pinterest to share with the world.

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