Friday, July 23, 2010

high price of framing

This struggle has been going on for some time. Do I use a cheap frame so the customer is paying for the quilling not the frame? This does not present a professional product and your quilling, no matter how beautiful, is bound to suffer. That takes us back to a proper frame and a large expense for the customer. Unless you have personally priced the cost of framing, you can not see why art can be so expensive..."it's only paper" I heard one lady say while looking at my work.
What to do? I buy A7+ card blanks. This is slightly larger than 5X7 (standard size frame) I don't put any text on the front of my cards and on the back I have a label that reads: "suitable for framing" You pay for only the quilling and you can frame it any way you like. You end up with a price on your cards that your work deserves and knowing that your art is not viewed as "disposable" makes me happy. So make those beautiful cards and charge a proper price but be sure to use a high end card sleeve and include a business card too.


Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

How smart! You're right, many if not all of us suffer from this, and your solution seems really good. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sonya said...

That is what I try to do also now also. If it can be "used" as a decorative element, as I do with a lot of my cards and projects, so it can be for others also. Good solution, frames are subject to taste and decor which is hard to determine for someone else. I LOVE your work and this one is soooo pretty, it caught my eye right off!