Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creating Movement

Have you ever looked closely at your coils? If you control the direction of your coils, you can create movement in your piece. These coils are exaggerated so you can see that the inner coils are rolled one way and then the next layer is coiled in the other direction. Even in simple five petal flowers you can create this. Next time you are putting your coils together, take note and use the lines. Add extra drama by inking the edges with a contracting color to really accentuate your coil direction. With a little care and attention to detail, you can make a pretty piece extraordinary.

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Gene and Charli said...

We just ran across your wonderful blog and were so impressed we reviewed it in our review section. What wonderful quilling!!! I love your use of both color and form. Very professional looking works of art.

You're so right about creating movement. We're looking at all your archives so it may take a bit.

We'll continue to watch your blog. Thanks.